There’s a lot of trust that goes into flying. Sure, you’ve gotta trust the pilot and crew, but you also have to trust that the scrawny teenager in the exit row window seat will really be able to get that door open in the event of an emergency landing.

Furthermore, you’ve got to believe that someone won’t let the intrusive thoughts win and open the door on the tarmac like this dude recently did at New Orleans’ Louis Armstrong International Airport.

According to flyers interviewed by CNN, a man in the exit row got into a brief tussle with other passengers before wilding out and opening the emergency exit. He then hopped onto the wing — I thought Southwest’s whole thing was that you could choose where you wanted to sit. Maybe this man just wanted to plop down on the wing? Point is, he was later apprehended, and no one was injured over the course of all this nonsense.

ABC 7 Chicago later compiled several other passenger videos from the event. While we don’t get to see the man actually opening the door, we do get a taste of the aftermath — which basically boiled down to a lot of people going, “Uh, what was that?”

The sheriff’s office later claimed that the man was “incoherent and not fully aware of his surroundings” when he was apprehended. He was then “transported to a local hospital for evaluation as the deputies believed he was suffering from a mental health emergency.”

Southwest was eventually able to move passengers onto a different flight two hours later — but I bet they’ll still claim the delay was due to weather.