When it comes to all the different types of people making the world a worse place, 'sovereign citizens' are without a doubt the least dangerous, but most certainly, the most annoying. 

If you don't know, 'sovereign citizens' believe that they are free from governmental jurisdiction and that they can use "loopholes" in the system to avoid government laws and regulations. The key word here is "believe." Because in reality, there is no such thing as a 'sovereign citizen,' and causing a stink at a border checkpoint will not get them where they're trying to go, and in this case, quite literally. 

In the case of this video, the man, who is seen wearing a face shield of some kind, refuses to state his country of residence while trying to the U.S. border and it does not go well for him. 

After being told to pull over to the side (an order he does comply with) the driver in the face shield refuses once again to state if he is a U.S. citizen, before then refusing to roll down his driver-side passenger window to allow the immigration officer a look inside his car. 

The immigration officer then asks the woman riding shotgun (who is also filming the video) if she is a U.S. citizen and she responds without pushback a simple, "yes." See bro, not that hard. 

Shortly thereafter the officer lets the couple go, all without the man having to divulge if he is in fact a U.S. citizen. So in his defense, it seems like if you truly believe the rules don't apply to you, maybe they don't. But are you willing to risk looking like a total dork just to score some points with some wackos on the internet? Maybe.