Russia lost the space race yet again this week after the Luna 25 spacecraft crashed into the moon on Saturday, marking a disastrous end to Roscosmos' first lunar landing mission in nearly 50 years.

“The measures taken on August 19 and 20 to search for the device and get into contact with it did not yield any results,” the space agency said, adding that a “preliminary analysis” found that the spacecraft “switched to an off-design orbit” before the crash.

Though the cause of the crash is still being determined, several tin foil hat-sporting redditors were less-than-convinced, speculating the failed mission was part of a greater conspiracy — namely, the United States Space Force attempting to “embarrass Russia prior to the BRICS summit next week.”

“The nature of invisible attacks like electromagnetic interference, jamming, spoofing, hacking, and malware got me thinking that US Space Force is actively operating against adversaries without the public noticing or making the connection between downed space assets and global space forces,” explained u/Captainmanic, who first broached the topic on r/Conspiracy.

Meanwhile, u/Noel2Joel stated the entire thing was a hoax, proclaiming that “Russia or any other country has never went to the moon.”

“Its a joint effort psyop to convince ALL of Earth's citizens that space is real. Why would they "call each other bluffs" if their goal is "trick ALL of our populations"?” they continued. “Space itself must first be a firm "reality" in peoples minds before (drumroll) Aliens can be "sold" to us.

But regardless of why Luna 25 met such an unfortunate fate — if it did at all — one thing is certain — NASA could never.