Are you a Star Wars fan? If so, then chances are you're a dickhead. In what has become one of the world's most iconic film franchises, Star Wars has some dead weight they need to get rid of, and yup, it's you. 

Star Wars fans have been, since their inception, fanatic. Driving record-breaking movie sales and launching Star Wars iconography into the pop stratosphere of American culture. 

It's needless to say, but Star Wars is a big deal, to a lot of people. And as so when fans are deeply attached, from their youths to a book or story, they often are their obsessions own biggest critics. 

When the prequels came out in the earlier 2000's people and by people I mean "star wars loonies", gave Goerge Lucas the nickname of George "Rapped My Childhood" Lucas, because they were so upset with where he had taken his story. 

The prequels aren't the greatest achievements in film history, but they're also not as bad as people have since made them out to be. Aside from the hate, kids today have found a new love for the loathed prequels. However, at the time, Jar Jar Binks and a young Anakin Skywalker were what fans were given, and rejected. 

A short list of the harassment spewed by Star Wars fans over the last decade can be summarized by fans harassing the actors and characters they deemed bad leading Hayden Christian to quit acting, bullying a 10-year-old Jake Llyod and making Goerge Lucas never want to make another Star Wars movie again. And guess what, all this happened before social media. 

So now that we understand the beast, let's see what they've been up to as of late. Since the Disney reboot, two of the franchises female cast members have removed themselves entirely from social media, after months and months of hate from "star heads". The most recent being, Kelly Marie Tran, who played rose in The Last Jedi, and before her, the main protagonist Daisy Riddly. 

Star Wars fans for months leading up to the release of the Force Awakens hated the fact that there would be a leading role filled by a black man, claiming the movie was a representation of White Genocide and adding to the impending war on men. (YouTube it, we're not joking) 

Now, if it is true that Kelly Tran deleted her Instagram pictures because of hate and not for some other reasons, we think that doesn't help anything, because if you're reading this Rose, the trolls have now won. So hey guys, congrats about proving everybody right, you idiots.