The missing OceanGate submersible will go down in history as the worst guys' trip ever, for the 5 passengers who paid $250,000 to go on the experimental Titanic sightseeing tour. As the search for the missing vessel unfolds, the details surrounding the trip get more and more insane. Some of these details were revealed in a tour of the submersible that was featured on CBC back in August 2022, guided by Oceangate founder and passenger of the missing vessel, Stockton Rush.

Here are all the funniest things you need to know about the guy's trip to hell. 

The stepson of a billionaire aboard the submarine attended a Blink-182 concert the other day and was quoted saying, “It might be distasteful being here but my family would want me to be at the Blink-182 show."

The only toilet on board is a Ziploc bag.

According to a News Nation interview with David Pogue who toured the vessel in the August special report, “There’s no food or water apart from the one sandwich and the one water bottle you bring with you.” He went on to say “There is by way of toilet a big ziplock bag.”  In another interview, for CBS, Pogue reiterates the toilet “amounts to little more than Ziploc bags.”

The submarine is piloted by a $29 gaming controller. 

Rush proudly bragged about the submarine's Logitech gaming controller and said “We’ve taken a completely new approach with this sub-design. I can hand it to anybody. It’s meant for a 16-year-old to throw around…  and we keep a couple of spares on board just in case.” 

OceanGate founder is not into safety if you couldn't already tell. 

In a Smithsonian profile from 2019, OceanGate founder, Stockton Rush, believes safety regulations “needlessly prioritized passenger safety over commercial innovation,” and insisted “because they have all these regulations. But it also hasn’t innovated or grown.” Comfort, in addition to safety, seems to have been the least of his worries, as the floorplan of the Titan apparently only fits 5 people, with one person able to extend their legs at a time.

An alleged glitch has been playing Celine Dion's "My Heart Will Go On" on repeat for hours. 

Hopefully, the vessel is found and the passengers are brought to safety. It seems like Stockton Rush’s ambitious view of underwater travel, believing “We’re going to colonize the ocean long before we colonize space” is far from reality. He summed it up perfectly himself, “sometimes Mother Nature works for you, and sometimes mother nature is a bitch.”