As wildfires continue to ravage the Island of Maui, an inferno that has killed 36 and destroyed tens of thousands of homes and businesses, Hawaiian TikToker @sweet.t.808 has one message for summer travelers still looking to enjoy a getaway to the tropical locale — don’t.

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“People are being flown off of Maui to get the medical treatment that they need,” they commenced their video, noting how Maui residents have been “jumping into the ocean to escape the flames” prompting the Coast Guard and “people who own boats” to rescue them. “Why are the tourists still going to Hawaii?”

Though @sweet.t.808 recognized that the Islands are “a federal jurisdiction,” they implored the few remaining flights heading towards the embroiled island to make a u-turn back to their departing location.

“They need to wake up and be like ‘forget this, we turn it around we’re landing in Oahu, we’re refueling and we’re going back to where we came from,” she said. “What part of stop coming do you guys not understand, okay?”

Though Hawaiian people have long asked tourists to stop visiting the islands, citing environmental concerns, these fires have made the issue of Maui’s limited water resources even more crucial.

“For every single one of you guys coming to Hawaii, you are depleting our water source!” they exclaimed. “Stop coming to Hawaii, and if you’re planning a trip that’s leaving, I don’t know, now? To Maui or even Hawaii Island, Stop! Stop thinking about yourself, and stay the hell home!

So take it from @sweet.t.808 and the people of Hawaii — that vacation can most definitely wait.