A man who makes content about gold diggers and trans people for teen boys is shocked that he has bigoted fanboys.

A clip has gone viral of right-wing Rumble streamer Sneako meeting young fans at a sporting event. The group of what seems to be 11-year-old boys, start yelling incendiary phrases like “f* the women” and “all gays should die” while taking photos with their favorite streamer.

Sneako tries to defuse the middle schoolers by stating “We don’t hate anyone” but the damage is done. However, it’s confusing why Sneako is even slightly surprised that this is his fanbase.

Within the past weekend, Sneako has tweeted that Western women are “infected with delusion” and “Would you rather see your kids at a [pride] parade or in the gym?” (along with a video of him punching a speed bag). Clearly Sneako has never been to a gym.

However shocked Sneako seems in the video (which is a cartoony gulp at best), he has responded to the backlash in a completely on-brand tweet.

“They are children and obviously joking. This is how I was at 12. But If it sounds egregious to you, blame the [pride] flags in their classrooms. Blame the media for emasculating men. Its YOUR fault for forcing an obvious agenda. Not these kids. BOYS WILL BE BOYS,” reads his tweet.

So there it is folks! Boys spouting hate speech like a small militia of misogynistic gremlins is totally the fault of society and not the 25-year-old man whose living depends on feeding these phrases to hormonal and confused middle schoolers. That’s the demographic that fully understands satire.

11-year-old boys are abusing red pill incel content at the same rate that they’re putting on Axe body spray, both things that make them unbearable to be around.