The Rijnsburgse Boys faced AFC in The Netherlands on Saturday.

Twelve minutes into a soccer match in the Netherlands this weekend, Striptease Foxy made her move. Decked out with nothing but socks, a banner and the letters "HKR" Foxy pranced across the pitch.

HKR stands for Hard Core Rijnsburgse the fan group for the Dutch soccer team, the group that hired her to distract their opponents.

The distraction seemed to work in some part. Dutch website Leidsch Dagblad quoted player Joel Tillema
"I think she wanted me to hit her buttocks. But I thought: do not let that happen, otherwise I will have a fight at home. She looked good, I say so honestly.''

The plan didn't work in the long run: Rijnsburgse lost six to two.

...and just like that, Striptease Foxy was gone.