Nicholas Braun: Known for portraying Greg Hirsch – a.k.a. “Cousin Greg” – on HBO’s Succession, who was once dubbed NYC’s hottest  6’7” bachelor by Instagram blind item page DeuxMoi, has a mountain of predatory allegations surfacing against him.

Since Succession’s fourth and final season hit airwaves late last month, several women have come forward claiming that Braun’s “disgusting brother” TV persona is more than just an act, detailing several instances of his allegedly creepy behavior, a list that includes hitting on underage girls.

“Basically when I was 16 years old, this man tried to fuck (whispered) me,” TikToker @stvnspeilberg said in a since-deleted clip that has since been reposted to Twitter, detailing how Braun, now 34, purportedly “invited her” “back to his hotel room” despite knowing she was under 18.

“I told him I was in high school, he didn’t care,” she continued. “I declined because I didn’t want to get assaulted.”

“I later found out that that same day, he actually fucked someone else who I went to high school with that was also underage,” she said. “I’m not really buying this baby girl thing.”

Though @stvnspeilberg did not specify when the alleged incident occurred nor Braun’s age at the time of their meeting, she was far from alone in claiming the star had acted inappropriately towards younger women.

As her clip began gaining traction on social media, Twitter user @schizomoding took to the platform to compile a thread of several other claims against Braun, a list largely centered around claims the actor sought out girls and young women in their mid-to-late teens.

Braun who owns the Manhattan bar, Ray’s, allegedly uses his bar in addition to his star status as a means of picking up women.

“He routinely seeks out young women at his bar and follows very young IG models wearing next to nothing (we’re talking as young as 16),” wrote u/queenbee433 of the Succession star in a Reddit thread.

“It’s super weird given his ‘wholesome’ vibe and honestly feels generally skeevy given how he now has a reputation for sliding into DMs and sleeping around,” they continued, before denouncing Braun’s behavior as “weird.”

“Rumors and stories have been circulating for the past couple of years and the surface signs (e.g going after very young girls, hanging out with other guys who go after young girls, and selecting girls from a bar he owns—a bar you can’t get into if you don’t look a certain way) were also there,” mused Redditor u/stovakt on a r/Succession thread detailing claims against the actor.

“None of those things are a crime, but it says something and I don’t trust the awkward ‘aw shucks’ act past a certain point because it makes things like this easy to hide,” they added.

Despite these mounting claims, the actor has remained tight-lipped about his viral accusations. But hey, maybe it is time for a Grexit after all.