I thought the Renaissance Faire was all fun costumes and turkey legs but apparently, it’s for horny people?

Over the weekend a video went viral on Twitter where a lovely bar wench feeds another faire-goer beer as she dirty talks. She throws some colorful phrases like, “Show us what you can do with that mouth,” and “suck it while your friends watch.” Ma’am, it is broad daylight and there are cameras out.

“I’ve gotta go back to the ren faire” tweets @discolitaa with the video.

Twitter, of course, had something to say about it. Some questioned the period accuracy of both of the women’s costumes. But overwhelmingly, people couldn’t get over how awkward and unsexy it all was.

“Sorry, [I] don’t understand why this went viral it’s like bad porn dialogue,” said one user.

“The grizzled proprietor of the general store in a fake old west town saying ‘what can I do ya for’ is more erotic than this,” pointed out another.

Of course, some people were into it though.

“This is disgusting and I need to go.”

The overly-horny bar wench goes by @joyful_auraonline and is feeding and degrading customers all day at the Southern California Renaissance Faire. If you’re looking for dominant bar wench role play, she posts more videos on her TikTok.

Ren faires, the only socially acceptable place to be a Redditor IRL.