Never get between a Brit and their fried meat. On January 10th, some eaters were hanging around a fast-food joint in the U.K. when, suddenly, the doors were breached by two men wielding swords.

What happens next is an all-out battle. Swords swing about as chairs and tables are thrown. English is allegedly spoken, but it’s impossible to make out a single word of what’s being said.

This seems to be some sort of prank, given that the person in the store already had a sword on them. Then again, it’s been a long time since I’ve been to the U.K. — maybe that’s just what it’s like there now.

Redditors certainly played along with this idea. “This is the English version of a drive-by shooting,” wrote one. “Amazing to see that people still settle things by sword fight in London,” added another. “I’ll take this over those two walking in and spraying the place with bullets,” declared a third.

No matter what really happened, one thing’s for sure — whoever was working at that restaurant is now an honorary staff member of Waffle House.