The chances that you've seen the hit HBO show Euphoria are slim. But maybe you've come across one of the show's rising stars Sydney Sweeney, who is single-handedly making boobs great again. We kid, but in a world that has been obsessed with butts for what feels like decades, it's nice to see some rack representation. 

But Sydney is more than just a beauty, she's also a gearhead. On TikTok, she runs an account called, 'Syds_garage' where she documents her passion for restoring old cars. Currently, she's working on restoring an old Ford Bronco. 


finished the rear suspension!

? Stuck In The Middle - Tai Verdes

@syds_garage only a few more weeks till it’s ready to be put back together! #TikTokCars #cartiktok #bronco ♬ Young - Vacations

And before you say, "oh bullshit", go and check out her full page, she really is putting in the work. She's posted over 25 videos of her time restoring the truck. Documenting every step, from the day she got it, until the day she finished. 

Which has us thinking that she's too good to be true. How sure can we be that she wasn't cooked up in some CIA lab to win the hearts of everyman from Naples, Florida to Spokane, Washington? 


SHE RUNS!! Ran into bumps along the way with the transmission, but finally got the right valve and she’s good! Now to start the fun stuff - interior!

♬ Hit It - Yung Skrrt

And here is the final product. Looks like a beaut! 

@syds_garage Thank you @ebay for proudly showing my bronco build at the eBay Motors Auto Parts Show! #ebaypartner ♬ Truck So Clean - The Naughty Northern