A hazard of modern day living is getting roped into someone else’s content. This can either be something as simple as having your reaction captured for a prank, or being pelted with questions about the issues of the day by a man in a too-tight T-shirt — c’mon, do you really think we can solve the abortion debate through Instagram interviews on Myrtle Beach? We can’t even figure out which chipmunk is getting the best head!

Most of the time, if you’re featured in someone else’s video, it’s not really going to affect your life. Sometimes, however, you can find out that not only are you in someone else’s content, but you’re in their spicy OnlyFans content — which appears to be what happened here.

For context, there’s a woman who goes by the name Yon, or Yonna, or Ayonna Render, depending on what social media account she’s using (get some brand consistency!). At one point, she posted a video in which it appears she’s having her ass stared at by a man working at Target. I know, hilarious!

The issue here is that the man in question, Mitchell, eventually found this video — and he’s not too thrilled about it.


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According to Mitchell, he was working at Target when — Yon? We’re going with Yon — *Yon* decided to come up and talk to him in a strange, inappropriate way. “She’s being very inappropriate with me,” he recalled. “She’s talking like this, and it just makes me uncomfortable. But I’m like, ‘Let me just try to do my job.’”

Eventually, the woman bent over to pick up a speaker, at which point Mitchell was exposed to “her entire fucking ass.”

As a gay man, Mitchell wasn;t thrilled — and to make matters worse, the whole thing appears to have been a stunt for her OnlyFans.

“She put this shit on OnlyFans!” he exclaims in his video, adding that one could apparently purchase the “uncensored” version of the video for $4. “[I] potentially could be recognized from this video that makes me look like a pervert for the rest of my life.”

Mitchell’s TikTok blew up, accruing almost nine million views in just a few days. Naturally, this all found its way back to Yon, who has since gone private on most social media.

Besides going dark, how else did our dear friend Yon react? If you guessed “by going completely off the rails,” you’d be right!

In the days following Mitchell’s exposé, Yon posted several Instagram Stories with a graphic design style similar to that crazy guy in your hometown who covered his car in Jesus stickers. She denies his claims, but then also doesn’t deny some parts of his claims, but then also blames Mitchell for looking at her ass. I’m sorry, but gay or straight, you’re seeing a nude ass in public, you’re going to look.

She also later posted a story saying that Mitchell should enjoy his exposure and “take the free clout.” Yeah, I’m sure the people on To Catch a Predator felt the same way.

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Mitchell says that he’s casually seeking legal representation in case some shit goes down, which I genuinely hope it does. If we can stop these influencers in their public-facing tracks, there’s still some hope left in this world.