Summer concert season is upon us! The most notable (and disrupting) tour is Taylor Swift’s ERAs tour. Swifties, who fought tooth and nail over securing their tickets that there was a Congressional hearing into Ticketmaster’s ticketing policies, have now flooded our timelines with tales from the tour.

One Swiftie, @emidolli on TikTok, was of the few lucky fans to get her front-row tickets through Ticketmaster, or so she thought, but when she and her friends got to their seats, they found two more rows placed ahead of them.

@emidolli row 9 was supposed to be frontrow and when we bought our tickets on ticketmaster there was no rows ahead of us. we got to the stadium and there were two rows added. so we asked security who took us to TSA who took us to a guy named bill, and bill literally said “blame taylor, she added two more rows for friends and family”. i literally asked the girl in front of me how she got her tickets and she said she bought resale for 1.2k on seat geek so someone needs to pay up #erastour #tampa #night ♬ original sound - susie

The TikTok, which has over 5 million views and over 2 thousand comments, shows the added rows with joke audio of A.I. Taylor Swift saying “I couldn’t give less of a fuck about my tickets being over a thousand dollars, I don’t perform to poor bitches.”

Apparently, the Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida added rows for Swift’s friends and family. But when @emidolli asked the people ahead of them where they got their tickets, they said they bought them through SeatGeek, for the low price of $1200.

A lot of commenters were having fun dunking on the young women for being upset despite still having a great view of the show.

“The tickets were still in the same section so it’s not really a price different or obstructed view” commented one user.

@emidolli floor more like pit vibes #erastour #erastourtampa #night3 ♬ original sound - emi

@emidolli’s tickets were in row 9 but with the configuration of the ERAs tour stage, they expected the front row for the center part of the stage.

Many commenters noted that seats in big venues like stadiums are always “subject to change.” Some were on the Swiftie's side saying that they’d “dispute the charge” and moved up because “front row is front row.”

Let’s be clear, those tickets most likely cost an arm and a leg (especially the people who used SeatGeek), so while many people offered their sympathies, if you’re on TikTok complaining about having almost front-row seats for Taylor Swift, expect to get dunked on by the rest of us.