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Ted Cruz has been accused of going full Karen on employees at a Montana Airport after missing the check-in window for his flight and being told that re-booking options were limited due to the Spring Break travel season. Cruz reportedly became so agitated that a law enforcement officer had to be called to the scene to "calm the senator down" -- the senator who, reportedly, absolutely nobody recognized. 

According to a short clip posted to Reddit and circulating across social media, we see the Texas senator at a check-in desk at Bozeman Airport. He's shaking his head in visible annoyance at two female employees who are subsequently replaced by a single male law enforcement officer. 

It's difficult to make out what the senator is saying and many have pointed out that his body language seems non-aggressive -- though law enforcement officials have confirmed the report alongside an airport representative who said that the senator repeatedly asked "Do you know who I am?" when nobody seemed to recognize him. 

Montana airport calls police on Ted Cruz

Senator Cruz's mask reportedly had the words 'Come and Get It' printed on it.

The original poster of the clip added an update in the original thread on R/Bozeman, stating that it was "not [his] intent to make a Ted Cruz hit piece" and that a frustrated passenger at an airport, in itself, was nothing out of the ordinary. What was out of the ordinary, according to them, was what many would deem 'classic Karen behavior on the part of an elected official. 

According to airport employees, Cruz made several not-so-subtle threats towards the employment of the airport workers, asking for names and titles and saying he "would be speaking with corporate."