On the road, anything can cause an accident — even nothing at all.

Now, a video currently making the rounds on Twitter shows just how bad these no-contact accidents can be, even if the reason behind them isn’t exactly clear.

In the video, two cars attempt to merge at the same time. This spooks both drivers, and after just a few seconds, they’ve both crashed, despite never touching each other.

There’s something entrancing about the video. Each car messes up in its own unique way, creating a ballet of sorts that ends with a totaled Ford and an awkward call to your wife about why you can’t pick her up from the airport.

As for how you can avoid getting into one of these situations yourself, accidents like these are generally avoided by “looking at the road.”

Thankfully, both of these cars ended up looking alright in the end, meaning that the drivers likely walked away with only minor injuries. That said, things could have gone much, much worse.