Think you’re down bad? No matter how thirsty you may be, Twitter proved that there will always be someone thirstier after a pre-packaged ham leg sent the entire website into an ex-dialing frenzy.

On Thursday, @messedupfoods took to Twitter to share a snap of the apparently lust-inducing hunk of cured meat, one that sent quite a bit of blood flowing to those of many concerningly-horny internet dwellers.

“Does it look like what I think it looks like?” asked @TAmprazis, while several others likened the snap to its viral, thicc meat predecessors, including the already-iconic ham-ussy.

Yet, the ham leg’s draw was so strong that many other users — including @equine__dentist — decided it was high time to rekindle things with their respective exes.


“That’s it I’m calling her,” they wrote.

So take it from this caked-up ham — though you may be down horrendous, at least you’re not trying to get it on with something from the deli aisle.