Though model Shereen Wu may have lent her catwalk chops to Project Runway alum Michael Costello’s recent fashion show, she was shocked to see a much different — and notably whiter — face plastered atop hers in photos shared to the designer’s Instagram page.

“I recently walked for Michael Costello, but that’s not me who he posted on his story,” runway model Shereen Wu began her now-viral TikTok on the designer’s purported whitewashing, posting an actual photo from the runway versus the much whiter-looking one appearing on Costello’s social media. “Editing my face and removing my race is completely disrespectful.”

Though she said she confronted Costello about the photo in question, messaging him on Instagram, he attempted to brush off the edits, instead reiterating his appreciation for her and redirecting the blame.

“He claims he cast me beacuse he likes me but I wasn’t even on his official list,” she said, noting that she served as a last-minute replacement for a missing model.

After attempting to blame the image on the photographer, who posted the actual photo of Wu on his socials — “I did not edit the photos that do not clearly show my brand logo/watermark,” the photographer wrote in a message to the model — Costello then attempted to spin the whitewashed picture into a commentary on A.I. and fashion.

@shereenwu Michael Costello has yet to take responsibility for his actions. I want to explain what happened, and I hope other models in the future feel comfortable to speak up. He has since offered to post my photo side by side with the AI one, but has not voluntarily post it. This offer did not contain an apology, and only happened after a model who’s close with him brought light to the situation. Some points I couldn’t fit: -Replaced the face of a model from the same collection -Lightened the skin of a black model in a photo and proceeded to push blame on the makeup artist (mua did not lighten the skin) -Screamed at models backstage (he screamed at the girl who stumbled on the runway to near tears, only to make an Instagram post praising her after.) But considering how long he’s been acting like this, I doubt any apology from him would be sincere; they would be performative at best. (Sorry for the weird cuts and sped up video I was trying to fit as much as I can in) #michaelcostello #greenscreenvideo #drama #michaelcostellocontroversy ♬ original sound - shereenwu

“He then removed without an apology and then posts AI art and then shared profiles of AI models as if to imply that everyone’s doing this so I shouldn’t be angry or I am replaceable,” she recalled.

Though Wu admitted that as a fashion model in a competitive industry, she to an extent, was replaceable, she said that her lack of compensation served as an additional reason for why the whitewashed photo was so offensive.

“While I don’t get paid, there’s tacit understanding that I’m doing this for exposure and for photographs.” she continued. “By not using my face, he’s taking advantage of models without the same influence as he does.”

But it appears she’s far from alone in having negative experiences with the designer. As Wu noted, Costello has long faced claims of questionable and racist behavior, allegedly calling a black designer the n-word and body shaming celebrities. Considering this long, concerning rap sheet, Wu said it was important that she speak out on the matter.

“Perhaps I’m making a mountain out of a molehill and this will ruin my modeling career, but I do believe this is something I should stand up for,” she concluded her video.

And it appears several members of the fashion community agreed with this take, commending Wu on her decision to call out Costello.

“You are definitely not making a mountain out of a molehill,” @albinoblueberry committed on her TikTok. “I hope this gains traction and you get the recognition you deserve!!!”

“Yeah that's not okay at all, I'm glad you're speaking up,” added @shorbydraws while several others, including @lostmyearrings denounced the situation as “insane.”

Well-known fashion Instagram account @diet_prada also sounded off on the matter, likening the photo to something out of Black Mirror.

“As AI becomes integrated into our daily lives, the unsettling possibility that it will perpetuate racism by amplifying society’s persistent racial disparities feels like it is materializing,” they captioned a post on the matter.

So take it from Costello — racism and A.I. BS will never, ever be in style.