The only thing on 46-year-old biohacker Bryan Johnson’s mind more than reversing his age? Nabbing that sweet-sweet 18-year-old c—k … literally.

Though Johnson hasn’t been afraid to broach the topic of his Johnson throughout the course of his highly-publicized pursuit of biological youth — one aimed at reverting his body back to that of an 18-year-old — the multi-millionaire recently got candid about his latest age-reversal technique: Shocking the hell out of his dong.  

“There’s this technology — you have a wand and you sit in a chair and the technician uses the wand and basically shocks your penis through acoustic technology,” he shared during a recent appearance on The Diary Of A CEO with Steven Bartlett podcast, published on Wednesday.

While “focused shockwave therapy” has a myriad of uses like treating erectile dysfunction — a condition Johnson insisted he did not have — he said that he’s been taken aback by his schlong’s apparent youthfulness.

“I have been shocked by the results. I’m now two months in,” he continued, boasting that according to his “subjective experience,” his “penis has gotten 15 years younger.”

So how can Johnson gauge that his d—k has just celebrated its 31st birthday? His nighttime boners, apparently.

“People are not familiar that nighttime erections are actually a meaningful health indicator,” he said, noting that despite his high praise, his boners matched his actual age, clocking in at roughly 2 hours and 12 minutes.

“To get to the level of an 18-year-old I would need three hours and 30 minutes of nighttime erections,” he continued. “So that’s the goal we’re trying to achieve,”

While we're happy for Johnson and his Johnson, we hope we never hear from this freak again.