Former President Donald Trump’s taste (or lack thereof) for all-gold home decor is the least of his interior design concerns, Americans learned last week, as images purportedly depicting boxes of classified documents adorning several locations at his Mar-a-Lago compound in Palm Beach, Florida, shot to viral infamy.

Though 45 allegedly kept multiple boxes of classified documents through his Floridian abode, including "a ballroom, a bathroom and shower, an office space, [Trump’s] bedroom, and a storage room,” per his federal indictment, the second locale made the biggest splash online, a testament to its visual absurdity.

Allegedly illustrating several bankers boxes filled with top-secret information piled atop his dark marble floor, stacked so high they’re nearly on the same plane as the bottom of his crystal chandelier, the image quickly began making the rounds on Twitter, several sounding off on the gaudy juxtaposition of possible federal crimes.

“Not sure anything has ever summarized Trump’s aesthetic better than a bathroom full of crimes with chandeliers and a tension rod shower curtain,” joked Twitter comedian @ZackBornstein, a sentiment several others echoed – and memed.

From smoking too much and landing at a federal crime scene to Mar-a-Lago make-outs, here are ten memes about Trump’s bathroom.