Where do you go when you need to be scared in a new way? Oddly Terrifying Tweets. @OTerrifying is answering the horror junkies' need to get weird. At a half-million followers, it's plain to see the best horror entertainment doesn’t come from demons, the paranormal, or endless gore. It comes from stuff, one strange Twitter guy digs up for fun.

The sloth bear, naturally aggressive to humans, lives both in India and in your nightmares. A pizza guy delivering to the Planet of the Apes. Or how about just a moose existing? It’s all oddly terrifying -  and deeply satisfying. 

The Sloth Bear beats the honey badger.

Stephen King’s inspiration for IT.

The average British dental office. 

Don’t leave out Devil’s Food cake. 

Evolution is not a theory.

Future Pharma bro.

Putin’s assistant, George, getting dinner.

Thor saw the reviews for his last movie.

The spins when you drink too much. 

Right before he jumped out and scared him. 

When your Great Uncle goes for a dip at the barbeque. 

There are so many goddamn Pinnochio reboots right now. 

Eat fast or it eats you. 

A shot from Black Panther 2.

When you don’t tip the mechanic. 

No need to buy a ticket to The Way of Water. 

Worst day job ever. 

Plot armor IRL. 

The terrifying internet classic. 

A Koopa out for blood.