Remember when the cargo ship Dali crashed into an important piece of infrastructure and drove everyone in the country insane? No, not the first time back in Antwerp — I’m talking about last week, when the same ship brought the Francis Scott Key Bridge of Baltimore, Maryland careening into the river.

Thankfully, the casualty count of this incident was low, as the ship was able to warn the city about the possibility of collision between itself and the bridge. While there were six fatalities on the bridge, no one on the ship was hurt.

In fact, they’re still there. Just chilling.

According to NPR, the crew has spent the past week stuck in the harbor still on their boat. That said, there’s little word on what they’ve been doing in this time, as executive director of the Baltimore International Seafarers' Center told NPR that the crew has been largely incommunicative.

“I am in contact with them over WhatsApp, but their answers have been generally brief,” said Reverend Joshua Messick. “I imagine they’re trying to be very careful about how much information they provide, what they say and to whom.”

Does anyone else smell conspiracy?? (No — they’re probably just trying not to be fired.)

Thankfully, the crew is now able to get internet thanks to two Wi-Fi hotspots delivered to the boat on Saturday. Regardless, they’re still stuck there, likely killing their time by playing Candy Crush and, let’s be honest, jerkin’ it.

Also, they can rest easy knowing that they’re in good company. As reported by gCaptain, “Until the channel is cleared of debris, there will be no vessels coming in and no vessels going out.” This means that all 12 ships that were in the harbor are now going to be stuck there until all the debris is gone, which could take ages.

In the meantime, the city is currently building an alternate route to let ships in and out. Good luck, boys — just be sure to clean up the mess before you hit your destination.