DEWs Direct Energy Weapons have become the center for a new and wild conspiracy theory

We'll get right into this one. There are people online who think the fires in Australia and California are the products of DEW (Direct Energy Weapons). Direct Energy Weapons 

What are direct energy weapons you ask? Well over the last four years, companies like Boeing have been creating what we call DEWs as a new form of warfare and defense. This video from 2015 explains them well and even dates them for those who haven't heard of them before. 

Now how exactly and why are DEWs being talked about along side forest and brush fires? Well, that's because people have claimed to see them first hand, and specifically in area where fires have and are still raging on. 

The claim by theorists online who are making the connections between DEWs and the growing seriousness of forest and brushfires point to the DEW rays as proof that the fires are being set on purpose and that they are in fact more sinister than were being let on to believe. 

In 2017, when Napa California suffered the biggest wildfire in its history, DEWs got their first 15 minutes of fame. Countless YouTube investigations into videos and photos of fires skipping houses and trees, seemingly burning straight lines through the community caught the attention of many online theorists. And now, with fires raging in Australia the same alarmists are back at it again. 

This hour long YouTube-mentary attempts to prove what many already believe, but the first few minutes for our purposes should be enough to show you what exactly people think DEWs are. Fire spirals reaching the sky aren't the same as energy rays coming don from it. 

Now for the meat, the what and or who of this theory begs the question, why? Why would the secret cabal need to start fires with DEWs? What would be the purpose? Well, beyond controlling the public opinion around environmentalism the theory suggests this secret cabal has more sinister plans. 

In short the idea is that to rebuild society you must first destroy it? How coincidental that these electric rail lines fit with where the fires are happening? it must be a secret United Nations Plot to overthrow the western world right? Or could it be smart cities? Whatever those are, or no maybe its high speed electric rails? Ahh that's it, that's the sinister plan, replacing outdated freeways and car travel with a cheaper and more sustainable system of trains. Right . . .