Simone and Malcolm Collins became the main characters of Twitter this week after they were featured in a Telegraph article titled, “Meet the ‘elite’ couples breeding to save mankind.”

Twitter dubbed the two the “eugenics couple,” after touting their “pronatalist” beliefs that having “genetically superior” kids could save the world. However, long before they earned this very cool name for themselves, they earned ‘fame’ on another corner of the internet, Reddit.

Between all the tweets dunking on their dorky-ass glasses (wouldn’t genetically superior people have decent eyesight?), BuzzFeed tech reporter Katie Notopoulos found posts of theirs on Reddit, where Malcolm proposed to Simone, depicting the Collins’ very incel-coded online activities.

“Before they were frequent profile subjects, that pro-natalist elite eugenicist couple were both big-time Redditors,” Notopoulos said in a post on Twitter.

Now, how big-time are we talking? Big enough that Simone once proudly flaunted a custom anime body pillow she gifted Malcolm for their anniversary back in 2014, the images of which still live on in an IMGUR link, which has since acquired more than 84,000 views.

Yet, Simone was far from alone in her need to post cringe.

Malcolm was a Reddit regular who went by the handle u/SirTechnocracy, where he frequently posted about Cartoon Network’s Johnny Bravo, My Little Pony fanfiction, and sought answers to why some people have big dicks.

Malcolm even once found himself in the viral hot seat for his parenting capabilities after he uploaded a video of himself ranting on r/KidsAreStupid, about how one of his sons ate a raw onion. “My kid HATES being told what to do,” he captioned his viral clip, which racked up more than 75,000 upvotes.

Simone and Malcolm are far from the only people worried about population decline, though according to their own experience with being parents, the human race is completely out of the woods just yet.