At the end of 2016, memes had hit an all-time high. Joe Biden and Barack Obama's time in office was coming to an end and the Internet was reminiscing about their bromance. Flat earth memes were beginning to creep into the mainstream and Harambe had finally taken his place at the forefront of American pop-culture. As well, Donald Trump had just defeated Hillary Clinton and was our President-elect, set to take office the following January.  

The country was divided and in came Donald Trump, the greatest meme the world has ever seen. 2017 began with the swearing in of a new President and with him, two warring factions of jokers and trolls ready to do what they do best, meme. 

Donald Trump's First Order Of Business:


After singing his first executive order, the floodgates opened and the first Trump meme of the new year was born.

Trump Draws: 

After the 'First Order of Business' memes began to take off, a community of Twitter users began to create and share Trump drawing. The Twitter, 'Trump Draws' boasting 400k followers inspired a wave of animated versions of the meme above. 

The Worst Trade Deal:

Now, technically this meme is from 2016, as he said it in reference to NAFTA during one of the Presidential debates, but it wasn't until 2017 that the macro image was highly circulated. 



You Are Fake News:

Trump has always been a fan of the people, or at least the attention his followers give him. So even after winning the election, he continued his speaking tour. Going on the road and holding large events where he gave campaign styled speeches where he blasted China and professed his promise to complete a border wall. This meme was taken from his assertion that a reporter who worked for CNN was, fake news. 



Tiny Trump:

The tiny Trump memes began after Trump's first meeting with the President of Japan and soon thereafter a subreddit, r/tinytrump was created by users dead set on taking shots at the Presidents ego. Here is the image which started Tiny Trump. 



Now depending who you ask, many people might say that the Covfefe was the best Trump meme of 2017. This meme came from a Donald Trump tweet which many believed was sent out by mistake, however, the tweet remained up and the Internet went mad. What was covfefe? Was this a secret message? Something the average person just didn't know about? People needed to know. And Trump, as Trump likes to do, let the world run with it. 


President Trump is many things to many different people. If you ask 100 people what they think about our President chances are you'll get 100 different answers. But what he is not, and has never been, is boring. The man has made his Brand off of being a wildly crazed, charismatic whirlwind of the world around him. Once a Democrat he is now the most staunch Republican this country has possibly ever elected. We don't yet know what 2018 holds, but we can bet on one thing for certain, Donald Trump.