It pains me to even give this article more clicks and views, but if it's only to defend a movie that shaped a generation's adolescence and reminded us of how funny fart jokes really are then so be it.

If you have 3 minutes to waste then by all means, go ahead and read that smut. But the title ruins any credibility that The Guardian may have had on the subject. "Unfunny and Overrated." What? Just...what? Because I'm breathing fire writing this, I'll let the die-hard Shrek defenders take over.

Talking donkey? Fine by me. Futuristic plumbing? ABSOLUTELY NOT.

Saying what we're all thinking. Clickbait much?

Honestly I remember this being a groundbreaking film in terms of animation that wasn't just Disney all over again.

Okay, now shit just got personal.

It's 2021 and the world is literally on fire. But sure, let's get mad about Mike Myers doing a Scottish accent again.

Netflix breaking out the big guns!

Pipe down.

An appropriate Lucille Bluth meme.

It's totally a fair assumption.

These are our demands! In all seriousness, it's encouraging to see the internet band together against a media outlet that was clearly writing a piece as rage bait. "Shrek" was funny when I was a kid, and it's even funnier now as an adult. Those are the facts. Now I'd appreciate it if you left my boy alone to spoil his beautiful wife, and cook his weed rat stew.