Today's date, 22/02/2022 is significant in that it is both an ambigram and a palindrome. It can be read forwards, backwards, and upside down. It also happens to have fallen on Tuesday. So if you're girl is into astrology get ready for some wild horoscopes today.

Days like these don't come around very often. So the internet is celebrating. 

Chef and TV personality, Guy Fieri is celebrating with rapper, 2 Chainz.

The stars aligned for this dude's 22nd birthday, on Taco Tuesday, on 2/22/22.

And of course we've got the memes. Memes are good.

Others were already sick of the internet's bullsh*t.

Just make sure to get all of your celebrating in today, because the next time we'll get anything close to this is in 11 years. 3/3/33 does fall on a Thursday, so at least we'll get a Thirsty Threes-day or Thirds-day or Turds-day or whatever we're calling it by that point. So you better live this one up!