giants in mexico

Over the past few months, a number of videos have surfaced from Mexico featuring eerie figures walking across hills, mountains, and pyramids. While most paranormal speculation has landed on giants, other theories are even more mystical. Or, it could just be some tall dude on hill.

This video of a figure walking strangely across a hilltop has become the forefront of the Mexican giant frenzy.

@deylovedexter It looks like La Santa Muerte but idk gang yall tell me that thing passed right on top of my dad crib smh #scary #mexico #ahhellnah ♬ original sound - dex

The TikTok channel shinebrightwithstar, which features many theories on supposed paranormal activity in Mexico, has a video with almost 20k likes discussing the nature of this figure.

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These two videos have been shared repeatedly. One features a supposed giant living in a mountainside cave, and the other a mystical figure atop a pyramid.

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Not everyone is convinced that the figures are non-human.

giants in mexico

The giant craze is not unique to Mexico, and much of its recent catalyst comes from the TikToker Andrew Dawson, who allegedly went missing after documenting giants and other paranormal activity in Canada.


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After his giant video garnered over 6 million views, he made other posts claiming the C.I.A. had stopped him and was following him. Despite posting a confession that all of his content was fake, he made another video backtracking that statement and claiming to be in danger.


To much has happened and i can't be forced to be silent.

♬ original sound - Andrew Dawson

Soon after, his obituary was published by a local newspaper, and speculation over the cause and validity of his death has grown online.

Andrew Dawson death - giants

Of course, not everybody believes in giants, and the videos from Mexico specifically leave much to be desired when it comes to convincing paranormal activity. None of the figures are noticeably larger than a normal person, and the pyramid looks more like a mound of dirt. Video quality also follows the blurry shaky cam formula that has dominated UFO videos for decades. To me, these are just some dudes on hills.