Mark Zuckerberg looks like Julius Caesar with his short little boy cut

The Zucc testified before the House Financial Services Committee on Wednesday about Facebook's data, political ads, and the companies plan to release their own cryptocurrency, Libra, but all anyone could talk about what that horrible thing sitting on top of Mark's head. 

Is it alive and if so is it in control of the Zucc or does he control it? Poor guy has billions of dollars but not a single friend who cares about him enough to tell him he looks like a total idiot. 

Oh all the clips from yesterday's hearing, there is one that stands out the most and that's when California Representative Katie Porter roasted the Zuccy-boy for his 'short-cut'. You can watch the full clip below, but this is what she said, "Mr. Zuckerberg, I know Facebook can be sometimes an unkind place, um, both toward my personal appearance and today apparently towards your haircut. But as the mother of a teenage boy I just want to say thanks for modeling the short cut."  Damn. 

Though Rep Katie Porter wasn't alone in thinking the Zucc looked less than cool, which we wouldn't care about because were not in the bizz of making fun of how people look, but when you're a billion dollar man and you walk out in public looking like incel-Julius-Caesar, it becomes our business. Like seriously, wtf is he trying to prove? That he cares less about the truth than he does looking like a total idiot, because that what he's telling us.