pic of the new avatar 2 design concept group photo of various characters

Are you excited for Avatar 2? The most hyped sequel that has been in the making for almost 10 whole years! yeah neither are we and neither is the rest of the Internet. Cameron dropped these new images at 2020 CES and they look less than great, to be polite. 

Dear James Cameron, it's been almost 10 years and you still haven't made Avatar 2 and honestly at this point were tired of waiting. The only thing that will bring people to see this movie are the special effects, which knowing Cameron will be out of this world. But these concept designs are leaving us wanting more and you can see why. 

scene from the new avatar 2 movie of an ocean like scene

Maybe if the year was 1998 and I needed a new screensaver I'd be hyped to see something like this. But Avatar came out nearly 10 years ago and I can't think of a sequel I'd like to see less than this. 

new avatar 2 movie scene of the avatars flying over water

I mean really, it looks like a shitty video game. Sure they're just concept graphics, but they've also been 10 years in the making! Hey James Cameron, please don't do this to us. What did we ever do to you? 

cool scene from the avatar 2 movie

Such spectacular, much stunning. 

avatar 2 movie scene of two avatars looking over at water

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