We’ve previously discussed the simple beauty of a great stick. However, there’s always a dilemma when one comes across a perfect stick — what should you do with it? Just leave it in the car with all the other cool sticks? Or turn it into some kind of display to amaze the beautiful woman you will definitely be dating someday?

One man has chosen the latter. On his various hikes through nature, artist Maarten Brinkman came across a bunch of branches that looked like guns. Rather than just throw these branches into the “awesome stick” pile, he decided to do something creative — assemble them into a piece aptly titled “My Best Gun-Branches.”

“My best gun branches” by Maarten Brinkman
byu/ohyouknowthething inmalelivingspace

Now, Brinkman is an artist, which means that this piece is probably some social commentary about guns and nature. From a surface-level perspective, though, it’s also just a darn good collection of stick guns. Brinkman has opted for a healthy mix of hand-twigs, branch-rifles and long-sticks, displaying them in a manner that would make both museum curators and gun collectors forest-green with envy.

Redditors in the comments were equally jealous of this showcase. “I imagine a burglar walking in on that, not taking a good look at it and freaking out thinking they are about to get filled with lead,” wrote one user. “Thousands of children pretend to be killed by these every day, you sick fuck,” joked another. “That’s a damn fine collection I’ll tell ya what,” stated a third.

Just don’t expect these stick guns to actually be useful in a self-defense situation… Unless…