Think your commute is hard? It can (and should) be even harder, girlboss!

Meet Sophia Celentano, a 21-year-old intern and TikTok creator setting the hustleporn-fueled world of pop-fi news ablaze with her 4+ hour weekly commute from her parent's home in Charleston, South Carolina to her internship at Ogilvy Health in Parsippany, New Jersey, a grind she branded as the “4-9 before my 9-5.”

After weeks of fielding interviews, Celentano took to TikTok with a glimpse at the reality of her schedule, one she adopted in an attempt to avoid the prices of New York City housing (despite the fact that Parsippany is roughly an hour away from the Big Apple).

@sophiacelentano48 I spoke too soon y’all my flight home was cancelled tonight EWR is a MESS rnposting this en route to LGA bc we had to book another flight lol #fyp #foryou #summerinternship #supercommuter #marketingintern #summerintern ♬ Walking On a Dream - Empire of the Sun

“After waking up around 4 and quickly getting ready, we were out the door by 4:30,” she commenced her viral video depicting an average day traveling to her internship, one that apparently only requires her to be in office once or twice per week.

After arriving at the airport at 5:00 a.m. and heading through security with a stop by Dunkin’ Donuts, Celentano boarded the plane to Newark, New Jersey.

“Luckily we left on time and got in on time,” she continued, explaining how she was able to push back her early wake-up by completing her makeup while en route to the tri-state area.

“After we landed we called our Uber, the drive is about 45 minutes to the office, and I made it there by 9 am,” the rising University of Virginia senior concluded.

Yet even with her thorough explanation, one question echoed throughout the 500 commenters – aren’t you exhausted?

“This is insane. I would be so DRAINED,” mused @sahiltnt.

“I don’t even have the motivation to go to work 10 minutes away from my house,” mused @jannethabbi.

As @amberfall1 so aptly put it, we – and mother earth – are crying.