The 'Liver King' is a vegetable-hating, organ-consuming bodybuilder here to terrify the internet into never touching broccoli again. Texas native Brian Johnson, better known as The Liver King, has racked up 3.4 million followers on TikTok, pushing his “Ancestral Living” philosophy, which basically boils down to… eating an insane amount of animals whole. 

Liver King’s favorite thing to eat is, you guessed it, animal liver. He claims it’s the first thing many alpha predators eat first due to it being a “nutritional powerhouse”, and we won’t refute The King, who also has a degree in biochemistry. He claims this diet and following his “Ancestral Tenents” will make you “lean” and “end all suffering”. This is interesting since The Liver King looks a bit like a walking red couch that’s about to explode. 


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His content of eating meat, lifting meat, and making “cow feet salad” has gotten a lot of attention, even from the king of meathead wannabe philosophers - Joe Rogan - who claims The Liver King is taking steroids. Some think it’s bullshit, some have joined his “tribe of Primals, but we can all agree, the Liver King’s reign is fun to watch. 


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