For the last couple of years, sorority rush week has taken the internet by storm. But this year things are a bit different in terms of what's getting attention. The OOTDs are out and in their place, the sorority sisters are learning their 8 counts and making large-scale choreographed productions to entice freshmen into their sorority.

There are costumes, elaborate themes, and banners made. Sisterhood now includes being able to hit all the moves seen on TikTok.

The videos are a big improvement from the previous viral videos of demonic chanting and clapping. But a lot of the videos have some watchers online puzzled at the lack of diversity in these college societies. Though, it’s pretty obvious, right?

“Oh, so y’all don’t know about big pwi college sororities[.] I went to Ole Miss and Alabama. Lemme tell you something. You see them brunettes? Them the minorities,” responded comedian, Jay Jurden to a post questioning the whiteness of ASU’s Delta Zeta chapter.

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That being said these sorority girls are dancing to music by Black artists with varied levels of success. The neon orange tans are even more distracting. Reactions to the University of Alabama’s Phi Mu sorority Barbie-themed dance were less “you go girl” and more “this vid just called me a slur.”

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More importantly, the politics of Greek life is intense. For example, how do they choose who gets to be the featured dancers in these videos? These sororities are weaponizing their sisters who are on the dance team, cheerleaders, and gymnasts. You gotta have at least one flipper in the video. And the decision process must have been cutthroat.