Despite the long-running stereotype that the French have a way with words, it seems there’s something the fine people of France may not have a je ne sais quoi for: Movie titles.

Over the past several days, the French urge to absolutely butcher the name of American films for no apparent reason has emerged as the internet’s latest media obsession thanks to Paris-based UX writer Juan Buis. “for some *ridiculous* reason the french love to translate movie titles from english to... english,” he pointed out as he kicked off his thread of examples, which has since garnered more than 17 million views, before offering one of his “all-time favorites,” Very Bad Trip — aka The Hangover.

Yet Bradley Cooper and company aren’t the only film characters stuck having a very bad time — over the next several posts, Buis noted that several movie titles had been revised in a similar fashion, including The Other Guys, which has since been renamed Very Bad Cops.

But beyond this genre of, erm, very not good titles, the European film market also has problems with sex — and we’re not just talking about Luc Besson.

Want to watch the 2001 comedy Not Another Teen Movie while on your Parisian vacation? Ask for Sex Academy. Looking to revel in Channing Tatum’s dance skills during an evening with Step Up 2? Try asking for Sexy Dance 2. Hot? I guess?

Now if you need me, I’ll be cozying up for a movie night with a large bucket of popcorn and my favorite French candy — Very Bad Kids.