Relationships with our neighbors are more complicated than they seem on shows like Friends — in this disconnected age, many of us, especially those living in cities, don’t know our neighbors very well, if at all.

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Yet, it seems that some of us, despite not knowing our neighbors very well, still manage to communicate with them in incredibly unique ways. Case in point: TikToker and guitarist @danieldaypoois posted a video of himself walking out onto his back deck over to the fence separating his house from his neighbors’. Once at the fence, he knocks and waits for a return knock before saying, “Chicken fajitas,” while his neighbor replies, “Meatball marinara, Italian herbs & cheese.” Daniel then farts, and his neighbor farts in response, before simply saying, “I’ll talk to you tomorrow” and walking off.

People in the comments were in awe, with one person writing, “This is the most unhinged bro thing I’ve ever seen.” Another asked, “No bc like how do you even get to this point?” A third user said, “This needs to be a series.” Daniel has delivered on that count, posting two more videos of his noxious nightly ritual with his neighbor.

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Speaking of which, in the third video, there’s a twist: Daniel’s neighbor has left some leftover pizza in his front yard for Daniel, despite, as Daniel clarified in the second video, the pair never properly meeting each other.

Many commenters have asked for an explanation of how the nightly ritual started, so hopefully Daniel will deliver. And perhaps, one day, there’ll even be a face reveal of the mysterious farter behind the fence.