A bride has gone viral for making a questionable safety decision in the name of aesthetics and the desire for the perfect wedding. Bridget Bahl, who got married earlier this month and has been posting videos of her lavish New York City wedding regularly since then, posted a video as part of the “I pay attention to things that most people ignore” trend that uses a clip from Olivia Rodrigo’s “All-American Bitch.”

Over the top of footage from her wedding, Bahl wrote, “I pay attention to things that most people ignore (covered all of the ugly red exit signs to save the wedding photos).”

The video almost instantaneously prompted numerous responses from people who work in the wedding industry, including venue owners and photographers. One such owner explained that “every legally operating venue needs to have architectural plans showing an evacuation plan in case of emergency” and that by covering the signs, Bahl was putting people at risk in the event of a fire or other emergency. Meanwhile, photographers pointed out that exit signs are incredibly easy to remove in Photoshop, which is legal, unlike covering them up IRL.

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Many people referenced the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire of 1911, which, like Bahl’s wedding, took place in New York City and, like Bahl’s wedding, did not have exit signs, meaning that once the fire broke out, exits, many of which were locked, were difficult to find amidst the smoke. The fire actually led to the introduction and normalization of exit signs in all buildings. As a TikToker put it, Bahl inadvertently did a fantastic job of honoring “vintage New York” with her move.

Exit signs might not be the aesthetic you were going for on your special day, but dying in a fire is also decidedly not aesthetic, so sometimes it’s necessary to make  a few sacrifices.