Influencer parents on TikTok are out of control and have been getting roasted for posting videos sharing “hacks” for getting their kids past height requirements on amusement park rides. The hacks involve stuffing paper or gluing risers into their kid's shoes so they appear taller in the line.

The TikTok parents radiate a sense of entitlement, and lack of concern for their kids' safety, and smugly encourage others to try their ride “hacks.” Unsurprisingly, these videos are met with extreme concern in the comments, and stitched videos from people explaining why it’s an extremely dumb thing to try because the safety requirements are there to,  ya know, prevent kids from being seriously injured or getting killed.

@shutek is the latest to share his hack for getting his son through the height requirement for Tron at Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World.

@shutek Tron was incredible! Did yall ride it!? Would your parents have helped you get that extra 1/4 an inch? Napkins work wonders #disney #disneyworld #tronride #magickingdom #dadsoftiktok #dadmoves #rynash #cloutcity ♬ original sound - Kyle Shute

@thehartigfamily posted a video explaining that their daughter really, really wanted to go on a Spiderman ride so they did what they “needed” to do to make her happy.  The original video has been removed, but it is still viewable from other TikTok users stitching it and giving their commentary.

@enchantingsunshine Replying to @brownhairblueyedmomma the proof is right there. “The problem is, he is not tall enough” #disney #disneyparks #wdw #slinkydogdash #thekellyfam #irresponsible #irresponsibleparents #badparenting #badparentscheck #disneyban #lifetimeban #childendangerment #greenscreenvideo ♬ original sound - Amanda

Back in February @the.kelly.fam posted a whole ass tutorial for making risers for their kid’s shoes explaining that “He’s just not tall enough for the big ones, but but we didn’t want that to stop him from feeling the rush so we took matters into our own hands.” The video has since been removed after receiving backlash.  

@catchupnews Subscribers did not believe the video with explanations, asking why they made such boots for an already tall enough child #catchupnews #disneyworld #family #children #rollercoaster ♬ Blade Runner 2049 - Synthwave Goose

@floridafunshinefamily shared 3 satirical videos with “hacks,” which sadly aren’t too far off from what people have actually been trying.

@floridafunshinefamily How to Make Your Child Taller so They can Ride any Ride they want at Disney. (SATIRE)#disneybound #disneyworldflorida #disney_height #disneyfunny ♬ original sound - Florida Funshine Family

As a response, park employees have been sharing their experiences dealing with dickhead parents attempting to get through the lines.

@maddieb1998, a Disney Cast Member, posted a video highlighting the ways that guests try to make their kids taller, taking to the comments to say, “I was told to look out for these things when doing height checks but sometimes guests would still finesse the system and get on.”

@bluebcrafty also commented on their experience working at an amusement park saying,  “Star Tours DCP Alum and I thought in training no parent would ever risk their child’s SAFETY and actually do these things… I was so wrong.”


@maddieb1998 guests be doing the most sometimes #disney #castmember #disneyparks #disneyworld #disneyguests ♬ original sound - Maddie B

Disney Vacation Coach @sarahgoesbananas doesn’t tell parents to put anything in their kid's shoes but she does advise them to go on the rides earlier in the day in case their spines compress throughout the day.

@sarahgoesbananas Help your kiddos stand tall with this tip. Share with a mom friend who needs to know! #disneymom #disneywithkids #disneytravel #disneytipsandtricks #disney2022 ♬ original sound - Sarah - Disney Vacation Coach


Thousands of comments on these “height hack” videos defend the safety requirements against the parents who put their kids at risk of literally dying on a ride instead having to sit out on a ride or deal with their kid being disappointed.

“Sorry that the cast members can be more of a parent than the parents are to their own kids,” said @leannemarriee.

“As a cast member, this is absolutely ridiculous. It has height restrictions for your kid's safety… have fun being possibly banned” said @christophersaitta.