There is nothing more annoying than a revving engine in a residential neighborhood, and motorcycle riders are consistently frequent offenders. But by the looks of this TikTok from __chelxo, there is one group that actually does love the sound of a loud sport bike: it's children, of course. 

"Every time my fiance goes to leave on his bike and the kids are outside at recess," Chel wrote, "they always line up and scream and chant, 'rev it.'"

@__chelxo Seriously so cute! #bikelife #motorcycle #revit ♬ original sound - Chel

The undeniable joy on the children's faces is infectious, it's just a shame the rest of us can't feel that way.

"His own hype team right outside his door," raisingbratholes commented.

"Love that he revs a little but still drives responsibly in front of them," Taylor added.

Perhaps we don't hate motorcycle sounds because of the noise itself, but because the act of growing up no longer lets us enjoy life's simple pleasures, like a cool engine. 

rebelprincess79 seems to agree; "To be a kid at recess again..."