Actress Denise Richards proved that there is a very, very good reason for the “step” in the ever-popular genre of step-mom porn, sparking ire, concern and a whole of confusion after teasing a possible OnlyFans collaboration with her 19-year-old daughter, Sami Sheen.

Richards recently dropped by the paywalled platform, asking her subscribers to sound off on whether they’d like to see her pose alongside her eldest child, who also posts suggestive content on the controversial website.

“Should my mini me @samisheen and I do another collab?” The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills alum captioned a selfie alongside Sami, who she shares with her ex-husband, actor Charlie Sheen, according to screenshots one of her OnlyFans subscribers shared to the r/RealHousewives subreddit.

Naturally, as most people would be at the concept of mother-daughter porn, fans and critics alike were horrified, heading to social media to express just how weird they found Richards’ suggestion to get steamy with her daughter.

“Ew, is she doing an only fans WITH her daughter..?!? Did I read that right?” asked u/Pinksamuraiiiii on r/PopCultureChat.

“This is weird, sad and gross all in a really unique way,” added u/ilovechairs. “Hope her daughter finds her happiness.”

Meanwhile, u/onmytod had questions about the collab’s status in the eyes of the law. “That's incestuous, isn't it?” they wrote. “Surely that is illegal”

 u/onmytod, however, is not wrong. While in the state of California, incest is punishable by upwards of three years in prison and five-figure fines, the legal system isn’t the only barrier preventing the two from taking on OnlyFans.

According to the website’s terms of service, OnlyFans has explicitly forbidden posters from sharing any content that “shows, promotes, advertises or refers to … incest,” making pretty much any post featuring the two of them an immediately bannable offense.

Though they could test this theory by uploading a $7 bundle of photos depicting them standing five feet apart while sporting turtlenecks and floor-length skirts, that would somehow make this already weird situation even weirder.

So take it from Richards — if you’re gonna share family photos, you might wanna stick with Instagram rather than venturing into OnlyFans.