Though ice fishing may seem like the perfect wintertime activity, TikTok creators @frostbite.with.myla – Myla Del Rey – and @snow.bunny.isla – a.k.a Isla Moon – are bringing the heat, highlighting just how naughty the sport can be — for reasons most definitely unrelated to their respective OnlyFans accounts.

“Using only two holes can get boring sometimes,” @snow.bunny.isla commenced a recent viral clip, one of several depicting her engaging in activities – both steamy and SFW – in the snow. “Invite your buddies to make more holes, — the more the merrier,” she quipped, before clarifying that her advice was “just about ice fishing” and “nothing else.”

@snow.bunny.isla Another pro ice fishing tip for you!! #fishing ♬ original sound - Snow.bunny.isla

@snow.bunny.isla Outdoor adventures are the best!! #icefishing #wintersports #wisconsin ♬ Sweet Giirrrrllll face beat x Father Philis - Phil

However, @snow.bunny.isla is far from alone in her passion for winter sports. Her pal and fellow ice fishing enthusiast @frostbite.with.myla has also garnered quite the following with her apparent love for Ice fishing. “POV: Your dad’s bff tryna figure out why FXR put the zipper there,” she captioned her viral clip of her flaunting her zip, back snow pants.

It’s unclear whether creating that much steamy content helps them stay warm in the snow, however, it seems their respective, self-proclaimed $3.4 and $1.6 million salaries may just do the trick.