Warning: The following video is very graphic.

When police officers aren’t robbing houses blind, they’re getting up to all sorts of shady antics in their personal lives.

One such officer is Ronald K. Davis, a Pennsylvania cop who was married with kids. However, that wasn’t Davis’ only relationship — in fact, he was carrying on an affair with another woman named Michelle Perfanov.

As affairs often do, things went south, and Davis and Perfanov split. Rather than just take the breakup like a man, Davis opted to, in his words, make her “look crazy.” How does one do that, you ask? Why, having her forcibly committed to a mental institution, of course!

Married Pennsylvania cop CAUGHT forcing mistress into MENTAL INSTITUTION, ARRESTED
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“He had first gone to the station to obtain the involuntary commitment petition, then told his colleagues that he would take matters into his own hands after they were unable to find Perfanov,” reads a piece about the incident in the Daily Mail.

The resultant video, filmed by one of Davis’ colleagues, shows Davis, in his argument, “arresting and institutionalizing” Perfanov. In reality, what he’s doing is called “assault and kidnapping.” For those who are unaware, you’re not supposed to do that. It is, in fact, what we call “against the law.”

After being committed, Perfanov was held in the hospital for five days before professionals figured out exactly what happened. Once they did, they were quick to apprehend Davis, who was charged with felony strangulation, unlawful restraint, false imprisonment, simple assault, recklessly endangering another person and official oppression. Oh yeah, and he was also suspended without pay, in case you were wondering if he managed to still get a paycheck out of this.

Redditors, understandably, weren’t thrilled about the situation. “If he does this knowing he’s being filmed, what abuse is he doing when he's not?” asked one. “The officer filming this should be arrested for not doing anything to help her,” stated another. “Ladies, just don't ---- cops,” shared a third.

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