my big fat greek wedding 3

The Portokalos family is back — and more airbrushed than ever.

Earlier this week, the team behind My Big Fat Greek Wedding made fans of the beloved rom-com question why the series hasn’t been renamed to My Thin, Small Ozempic Wedding after releasing what is arguably the most photoshopped movie poster in all of cinematic history for the series’ upcoming third installment.

Depicting the franchise’s longtime lovebirds Toula Portokalos and Ian Miller looking suspiciously smooth in front of what is definitely not a stock photo of a Grecian isle, the entire Portokalos family loomed in an ominous white void nearby, every last one of them conspicuously lacking shadows, skin texture or any semblance of human expression in their cold, digitally-rendered eyes.

As with most photoshop monstrosities of Khloe Kardashian and/or MCU proportions, the poster quickly went viral, as fans wondered who the hell let Aubrey O’Day head My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3’s promo team.

“Multiple highly-paid people looked at the faces on this poster and said ‘looks good, let’s release this to the public,’” wrote @patrickhwillems.

“Not a single head attached to the body it belongs to,” added @davidmackau.

“I could make a better poster in the free version of Canva,” joked @dogstarrzs.

Meanwhile, others wondered whether this choice served as a genius act of cinematic foreshadowing.

“Does it take place in Greece's Uncanny Valley??” asked @ZackDAbrams.

Though the film’s entire cast may be photoshopped to near-oblivion, one thing is for certain: The A.I. void just got a lot bigger, fatter and Greeker.