Between his busy schedule of touting hugs and good luck charms as Covid-19 cure-alls and pursuing his side hustle of being a used Presidential airplane salesman, Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador managed to find time to relay an important message to his 9.6 million Twitter followers — Presidents too, can be Facebook boomers.

On Saturday, February 25, the Central American leader took to the platform to tell us he was born in 1953 without actually telling us he was born in 1953, sharing a widely-debunked image claiming to depict a Mayan woodland spirit known as an Aluxe in the wild.

“Everything is mystical,” the Central American leader partially captioned the post, which has since made international headlines.

Despite insisting that the photo "was taken three days ago by an engineer,” one who evidently captured the snap on a 2006 Blackberry and/or a toaster, President López Obrador managed to awaken yet another beast —  visibly annoyed Twitter fact-checkers and skeptics who noted the image had been making the rounds for years.

“Yes, Andrés, an engineer three days ago took a photo that has been doing the rounds in Nuevo León since February 2021 and in Thailand since December of that year,” wrote reporter Mauricio Schwarz in a reply that has since garnered upward of 7,000 likes. “If you know you are lying, you are malicious.”

Mexico’s president — he’s just us … if us here means moms who spend a little *too* much time on Facebook.