Last week, redditor ittybittythrowaway27 posted on r/MaleLivingSpaces and r/leopardgeckos asking for advice on how to make his scary fish look less scary to his leopard gecko.

The fish in question is huge compared to the table it sits on and has an unsettling vibe with chipped paint, dirt, and an expression that suggests it has seen too much under the sea. According to ittybittythrowaway27, the fish is a Lemonpeel Angelfish, not a Tang, and was recovered by “some guy” from a demolished Whole Foods who then posted it on Facebook Marketplace, where it was purchased.

The original post insists that removing it isn’t an option. “I like it but everyone else hates it and I can’t understand why,” ittybittythrowaway27 lamented.

The original post received more than 2,000 comments providing advice, love, and hate for the fish:

Despite all these ideas, though, the final result only makes the wooden Lemonpeel Angelfish look royally scary, as it now wears a tiara and feather boa with some shadow boxes and sea-life figurines placed around it, to accentuate the absolute unit of a fish. In fairness, it fits right in with the rest of his decor, which includes framed wisdom teeth.

Ittybittythrowaway27 is truly living his best life. So here’s wishing him, his gecko and his Lemonpeel Angelfish a happy life together.