What color is the Sun? Be careful now, don’t look directly at it while checking. If you answered yellow you’d be right… and wrong, depending on who you ask. From moon landing deniers to flat Earthers, folks have been pushing the limits of conspiracy theories for a long time, but now there is a new group of people with some insane ideas about our star: Sun truthers.

Jacqui Deevoy is one such Sun truther and posted a picture to Twitter yesterday describing her theory.

“I’m just telling a person in their 20s that the sun used to be yellow when I was a child and he’s laughing. The last time he saw a yellow sun was on Teletubbies.”

In short, she thinks that the Sun used to be yellow, and now it’s turned white.

While Jacqui did not theorize a cause for her observation, she was far from the only person with some Sun suspicions. Her post has 3.2 million views, and dozens of people commented on their own wild observations about the bright orb in our sky.

Jacqui is also an advocate for a practice known as sungazing, which she believes “Can cure or relieve certain eye issues.” For your own safety, please do not look at the Sun.

In reality, the Sun releases light across many spectrums, which appears white to our eyes. But it always has. It's the atmosphere that’s responsible for any yellow tint. “It’s only yellow because that’s what you were told as a child,” one person commented. “We could tell you the sky is blue and you’ll find a way to try to convince us it’s green.”

Due to global warming, our atmosphere has changed slightly over the past few decades. Is it possible that the sun looks marginally different to us than it used to? Perhaps. Sun truthers really might be onto something, just not for the reasons they think. But is the Sun itself different? No, it’s not. And definitely don’t look at it.