Jennifer Lopez causes some controversy with her super bowl performance

The Super Bowl is the biggest sporting event in the world, if you exclude literally all other major sporting events. Yet the best part about the Super Bowl (tm) is the halftime show. A time when American's come together and pray that a tit pop outs, or that some dork falls of the stage or a shark does something stupid. 

But last night's Super Bowl (tm) halftime show rubbed some people the wrong way. Shakira and JLo put on a show of titillating proportions. You'd think Americans would like that right? Wrong. 

The evangelical community was aghast by last night's performance. Not because it was a show put on by two Latina women or that there were hints of children being kept in cages, but because of sex. The most human thing there is, somehow is too much for many Americans to handle. 

Forget our obsession with football, a overly violent sport that gives it's players brain damage, lets focus on the sex. Stripper poles? Crotch shots? Ass shaking? And Tongue flicking? How could they. 

I mean Franklin Graham does have a point. Imagine the moral decay of a country run by a man who has cheated on his wives and paid hush money to keep pornstars quite. Imagine how far we would slide being led by a man who has thrown women aside as soon as they become too old or used up, if only we have an example of that to point to, oh well.