Disney animators have a long history of being horny and sneaking dirty jokes into their movies and shows, but this might be the ass that truly takes the cake. 

A screenshot from the Disney short, 'Inner Workings' went viral on Twitter this week as people began drooling over the size of one of the character's ass, who, allegedly, was modeled after the chief animator's wife (lucky guy). 

This is the first time Disney has made a name for itself being the resident cake designers in animation, as just about every Pixar movie has a woman with the biggest dump truck ass you've ever seen, but it might be the first time they received real backlash for it. 

This criticism isn't coming from Twitter – where most of the responses are bulging eyes and 'would" memes – but instead from real people in the real world. When the short was released in 2021, women said Disney was "promoting  'unrealistic' body standards for women." 

These allegations were written about in the Daily Mial, Mirror, and picked up by many comic book and animation blogs.