In the words of the great Beyonce: “Them Karens just turned into terrorists.” These five Karens are this week’s worst examples of disrespect, stupidity, and plain old entitlement. Here are our top five Karens of the week.

5. This video from a nail salon could count as two, with both a standard Karen and the TikToker Sam Richardson vying for the title of most annoying clout-chaser. The moral of the story is, don’t complain about the price of nails after you’re finished getting them done.

“You musta drank a cup o’ this morning, didn’t ya?” Lady complains about nail salon prices and eventually, the whole shop turns against her
byu/Ezziboo inPublicFreakout

4. Believe it or not Karens can be men too, as this dude in a movie theater proved earlier this year. While seeing Batman, he refused to move out of a seat that wasn’t his, in an almost empty theater.


i was just tryna see batman ffs

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3. What’s worse than disrespecting someone with a service animal? Disrespecting the service animal itself. This Karen managed to do both when she decided to kick a service dog while feuding with its owner in a local Publix parking lot. At least in this case justice was served, and she found herself arrested.

Karen thinks she has every right kicking people
byu/happeninbro inImTheMainCharacter

2. Not only did this Starbucks drive-through Karen throw a tantrum, she did it for the most ridiculous reason imaginable: Her caffe mocha had “too much chocolate.” Isn’t that the whole point of a mocha? What a waste of good chocolate.

I cant believe she recorded this and posted it thinking she was in the right
byu/garrulousheath inIAmTheMainCharacter

  1. While Karen behavior typically only impacts those unfortunate enough to be in its immediate vicinity, this spiteful male Karen might have endangered the lives of dozens by attempting to hold up a fire truck. Thankfully, a vigilante served him some quick and decisive justice.

Vigilante saves us from a main character standing in front of a firetruck and blocking it.
byu/StunningInnocenc inImTheMainCharacter