Though Americans have conjured countless ways to celebrate Thanksgiving over the holiday’s 233-year history, playing football, getting violently stoned before dinner and for some Midwestern dads, shoving a chicken, duck, and turkey up each others’ bodies, there is one way NOT to celebrate the holiday — burning your house down.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission headed to Twitter on Thursday with their annual warning for those responsible for preparing turkey this holiday season — for the love of god, do not put a frozen turkey into a vat of hot oil.

“Cook the turkey, not your home,” they captioned a supercut of icy birds being lowered into giant pots of frying oil, documenting the explosive results of not heeding their safety warning.

So take it from these harrowing clips — though it may look absolutely bada–, try not to fire blast the inside of your home this Thanksgiving. Dumba—es.